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New version Alpha 20140220

Postby EvanT » Thu Feb 20, 2014 2:41 pm

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  • Interface
    • The group menu does remove destroyed units automatic.
    • Some frequent messages are now grouped by position rather than unit.
    • Messages regarding battle are now displayed in red.
    • "Under attack" and "destroyed" have different icons now.
    • The background of drop-down-lists and the tool tip was changed to improve the readability.
    • There are now options to define the number of cargo box sizes to transfer in the cargo module's menu's amount selection list. This is always the size of the cargo destination. For "unload" this is the other unit, for "load" orders it's the actual unit.
    • In the order queue menu the "sort by type" button was removed and a "sort by distance to view point" option added.
    • The status menu can be hidden now.
    • Mission objects have an indicator which shows the "near by"-area when the mouse is over it.
    • In the unit menu the "stop"-button has been shrunk.
    • In the unit menu does have a "Info"-button now, which shows the unit's and weapon's values.
    • The unit finder can find towing and supply units now.
    • Patrol points can be removed by a [RMB]-click now.
    • Patrol points do show a tool tip now.
    • When the "m"-button is pressed the view is centered on the expedition ship.
    • While playing in single player mode (only one human player) the game menu (F10) pauses the game now.
    • While giving a movement order to a unit the movement mode can be toggled with the [MMB]-click as well as by pressing [tab] now.
  • Towing
    • Units, asteroids and mission objects do have a weight value now (I know it is mass in that context but that would be confusing with the resource)
    • Spawn point asteroids can no longer be towed.
    • The maximum tow speed depends on the target's weight.
    • Tow modules do have a maximum tow weight now. Target which exceed it can not be towed.
      • Tier 2: Units up to the size of the expedition ship, small stations and the mission objects: "MissionOb_Casing" and all "MissionOb_Broken".
      • Tier 3: All units ans small asteroids.
  • Missions
    • MissionOb_Broken01, MissionOb_Broken02, MissionOb_Broken03, MissionOb_Broken04, MissionOb_Broken05, MissionOb_Broken06 added. Those are pieces of a larger one and will start to move towards one another if moved into proximity.
    • Mission objects have an additional attribute now: "dominationCap" which sets a limit to the domination level a team can gather at the object. Default: 100. (The sum of the caps must be smaller or equal to the limit set in the domination condition.)
    • Logic conditions "And" and "Or" added. Those can contain other condition tags which will be evaluated accordingly.
    • Time related conditions "TimePlayed" (from game start), "Time" (from actual mission start) added.
  • Units
    • Changed the system of how the game defines the fire direction of a given unit. It is now possible to define a whole set of fire directions for each unit. This is most obvious for stations and the expedition ship. In case of the destroyer you can now switch between artillery and slow down rockets by switching fire directions. The other weapons will not be deactivated but the unit will turn them away from the enemy.
    • Destroyer: fire direction "ahead" added, rotatable artillery replaced with fixed artillery cannons in the fore, deck and bottom weapon slots were mounted with rotatable ion-cannons.
    • Expeditionship: fire direction "ahead" and "aft" added.
  • Weapons
    • Tactical rocket: damage and explosion radius increased.
    • Slow down rocket: effect duration and radius increased.
    • Weapons which do fire projectiles without target tracing will no long fire at movable targets.
  • Fixed bugs
    • Slow down rockets do no longer catapult targets.
    • An critical error in the damage computation was removed.
    • Hiding the chat works now from the first click.
    • AI-player to calculate the passed time from game start rather than from program start.
    • Tier 3 Moduldock has build costs again.
    • The tool tip for unbuildable units and modules was fixed.
    • The language selection does work again.
    • If a patrol with only one point was generated it will be automatic removed now.
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