New version Alpha 20140330

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New version Alpha 20140330

Postby EvanT » Mon Mar 31, 2014 4:06 pm

New version Alpha 20140330 Download

  • Interface
    • In the mission menu latency values will be displayed instead of the player's status if the ping time to the player is longer than 50 ms.
    • While you enter a chat message the game will ignore the input.
    • While you enter a new unit name the game will ignore the input.
    • Pressing "F12" during a game session will take a screen shot and store it in the folder "Screenshots".
    • Pressing "F5" during a single player game session will save the game to "quicksave".
    • In game menu (F10)
      • The in game menu has been rearranged to provide space for menu tabs.
      • If the game is a single player session, tabs to save and load sessions will be available. You may load or overwrite an existing save game by clicking on it. To create a new save game you must enter a new name and click "save".
  • Saving and Loading single player game sessions
    • Tabs were added to the server lobby (start game). The first contains the known menu to create a new session. The second lists all saved single player sessions and you may load any of them by clicking on it.
    • Tabs to save and load sessions were added to the game menu (F10) too.
    • Pressing "F5" during a single player session will save the session to "quicksave".
  • Towing: If the target is within the module's reach the unit will no longer turn towards the target but start towing it immediately.
  • Computer foes (humanoid)
    • Industry produces required goods and will stop overproduction.
    • The Expedition ship will produce chemicals for energy.
    • Production list extended so it will build tier 1 battle units.
  • Intern event-optimization
  • Intern redesign to enable single player sessions to be saved and loaded.
  • Bug fixes
    • Patrol points can be sorted by their distance to the unit again.
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