New version Alpha 20140418

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New version Alpha 20140418

Postby EvanT » Fri Apr 18, 2014 12:43 pm

New version Alpha 20140330 Download

  • Interface
    • Group selection
    • You may choose a seperate key combination for this now. The default is set to [LMB]-Drag.<br>
      This results in "Unit selection" and "Group selection" laying on the same key. To avoid confusion a selection box has to have a minimum size now. It is no longer possible to click on units to add them to the active group or select units while a group is active.
  • Wrackage
    • Wrackages are leftovers from destroyed units which contain resources.
    • They may be towed by any towship which is capable of towing asteroids.
    • They will be destroyed by weapons which do area damage and will decay over time.
    • Wrackages may be salvaged for their resources by a nearby salvage module.
  • Module
    • Salvage modules will automatically collect near by wreckages and salvage them for containing resources.<br>
      There is no unit which has a salvage module mounted by default so it must be build manually.
  • Save and Load
    • The exact status of an AI-Player is stored now to avoid repetition of the actual wave / building orders.
    • The queue of drone modules will be saved now.
    • Formation and the defence target of micro carriers are saved now.
  • Bugfixes
    • Pressing "M" while a moveable unit is selected will allow you to give an movement order again.
    • Units which were loaded from a save game are now able to use their weapons.
    • After loading a savegame groups which were assigned to a number key can be selected by pressing that key again.
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