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New Version: Alpha 20140116

PostPosted: Thu Jan 16, 2014 4:18 pm
by EvanT
  • Start-Menu
    • In the option tab "General" you may select what kind of updates will be searched for at startup. (The game will always search for hotfixes)
  • Unit menu
    • The product of cargo treating modules like forges and refineries will now be shown in the tool tip.
  • Group menu
    • Group handler-button
      • [MMB]: focus the view at the group handler's position.
      • [MMB]-[RMB]: moves the group handler to the camera focus point.
      • [LMB]: let you choose a target to witch the group handler/the formation will be aligned to.
  • Group formations
    • Fighting units will no longer move to a new formation position because of altered group size.
    • Phalanx: the back row is now moved to the side so the back-row-units may fire between the front-row-units instead of shooting them in the back.
    • Claw: added. Units will align in a curved wall with the radius of the attack distance. So when an enemy approaches all units will fire at once.
  • Units
    • Tier 2/3 Versions of the "Gas collector" added.
  • Modules
    • Module parts are now more efficiently produced.
    • Moduledocks can upgrade themselves.
    • The "upgrade module"-button is now shown in the correct size.
  • The camera's spot light was removed.
  • Intern/Engine
    • Cargo modules are now defragmented before cargo will be added.
    • Nebula are displayed in two different level of detail to help with the performance problems.
    • The official server was added for the version checks.
    • The sorting algorithm for modules used in the unit menu has been improved
  • Bugfix
    • Projectiles do no longer interact with GUI-Elements like group markers.